World News | India has saved many lives by providing essential medicines and vaccines during COVID-19 pandemic: PM Modi

New Delhi [India], Jan 18 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his special address on the state of the world at the Davos agenda of the World Economic Forum on Monday via video conference, highlighted how India has saved many lives by providing essential medicines and vaccines while following its vision of “One Earth, One Health”, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Prime Minister said that in times of Corona, India had saved many lives by exporting essential medicines and vaccines by following its “One Earth, One Health” vision. “India is the third largest pharmaceutical producer in the world and is considered the ‘pharmacy of the world’,” he added.

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Prime Minister Modi said India is tackling another wave of the pandemic with caution and confidence and is making progress in the economic arena with many promising results.

Underscoring India’s confident approach, the Prime Minister pointed out that when the world focused on interventions such as quantitative easing during the Corona period, India reinforced reforms.

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He listed progress in physical and digital infrastructure like fiber optic in 6 lakh villages, $1.3 trillion invested in connectivity related infrastructure, target of generating $80 billion through monetization assets and the Gatishakti National Master Plan to bring all stakeholders together on the one platform to inject new dynamism into the seamless connectivity of goods, people and services.

“Today, India has the largest, most secure and capable digital payment platform in the world. Last month alone, the unified payment interface in India, 4.4 billion transactions were carried out through this,” Prime Minister Modi said.

“The digital infrastructure that India has developed and adopted over the years has become a huge strength of India today. “Technological solutions like Arogya-SetuApp for tracking corona infections and CoWinPortal for vaccination are a source of pride for India. From booking slots to generating certificates on India’s Co-Win portal, the online system has also caught the attention of people from major countries,” the Prime Minister added.

Applauding India’s capacity during the pandemic, he said, “Sensitivity is tested in times of crisis, but India’s capacity is an example for the whole world at this time. During this crisis, India’s IT sector saved every country in the world from great difficulty by working around the clock. Today, India is sending record software engineers to the world.

India has delivered 1,154.173 lakh doses of COVID-19 vaccines to 97 countries till December 31, according to the Ministry of External Affairs.

The WEF’s Davos schedule runs from January 17-21. Several Heads of State will speak at the event. The event will also see the participation of leaders from industry, international organizations and civil society, who will debate the critical challenges facing the world today and discuss how to address them. (ANI)

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