Why is calcium essential after delivery? Here is your answer

We all know that during pregnancy, a mother’s body performs the ultimate act of self-sacrifice, which is to release its own. If a mother does not consume the proper nutrients, her body will deprive itself of that nutrient and feed it to the baby. Calcium is one of them.

During pregnancy, the female body is depleted of a variety of nutrients, including vitamin D, iron, folic acid, fatty acids, selenium and calcium. Also, if a mother decides to breastfeed her baby, she will need plenty of calcium because the body needs more of this mineral during breastfeeding.

You would know that breastfeeding women are at a higher risk of developing nutrient deficiencies. Mothers should therefore keep the recommended daily dose of calcium in mind.

Breastfeeding has an impact on the bones of the mother. According to an early parental report, women lose 3-5% of their bone mass while breastfeeding because babies and growing infants take calcium from their mothers. Breastfeeding women produce less estrogen, the bone-protecting hormone, making it vital to replenish the body with everything it needs.

The report states that it is “imperative for breastfeeding mothers to consume 1000 milligrams of calcium daily.” And contrary to popular notion, a vegetarian diet is more likely to provide you with enough calcium than a non-vegetarian diet. The vegetarian diet (rich in paneer, yogurt, milk, and dairy products) provides only about 600 to 700 milligrams of calcium per day.

Mothers are advised to focus on their diet for calcium intake, instead of relying on supplements. However, if you want to include supplements in the diet, consult a doctor.

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