Where is the movie “Anxious People” filmed?

Did you watch “Anxious People” in one sitting? People really enjoyed this show, and a lot of them want to know where it was filmed. And that is why we are here. A failed bank robber, a real estate agent, two IKEA junkies, a pregnant mother, a suicidal millionaire and a rabbit all lock themselves in one house.

It’s actually a limited series with just six episodes. The main setting of the story is the apartment where the thief and others are imprisoned.

The central interesting mystery of “Anxious People”, which is based on an actual day of intensive apartment hunting, will appeal to readers unfamiliar with Backman’s work. If you ignored it, this should be the next show on your checklist to watch.

Anxious people filming locations

Let’s take a closer look at the filming locations of this mysterious thriller. You must have understood from the story that the apartment is an important configuration.

And as said above, everyone is curious about the apartment, that’s what we’re going to talk about. Along with that, the streets were posted, so let’s talk about that as well. Wait are you excited? Because the show is set in a small town near Stockholm, the filming locations are as follows.

Town near Stockholm

“Anxious People” has been documented in the city of Södertälje in Stockholm County, Sweden. The production staff took advantage of the central area of ​​the city, especially streets such as Nygatan, Badhusgatan and Järnagatan.

In an interview with Swedish media in November 2020, director Felix Herngren revealed that filming the action in the city was much easier because transporting artists and crew was cheaper.

In addition, the community provided appropriate cooperation and support to the team.

In these places, bank chases and media revolutions are also highlighted. In reality, the apartment which is at the heart of the spectacular drama is actually located on Järnagatan Street. We have stated that we will also mention the streets. And we did.

The buildings here are quite old. Regarding the location, it is believed that the first individuals arrived in the area around what is now Södertälje during the Stone Age, around 4000 BC.

They established settlements around 3000 BC when the peasant way of life reportedly arrived in the area. Södertälje already had a port, but it had to be enlarged in the 19th century to accommodate larger ships.

After 13 years of construction, the Södertälje Canal was inaugurated in 1819. The rail network between Södertälje and Stockholm began just over forty years later, in 1860. Intriguing calm.

Marenplan, Stockholm

Marenplan is an important district in the middle of Södertälje, and it is linked to the historic Oktobertetern theater. Several scenes with police officers were shot on site. The town of Pretzels has grown considerably over the years.

Also, here’s an interesting fact, this location was used to shoot cinematic masterpieces. You can guess them in the comments box below; let’s see who answers precisely.

The location is breathtaking and beautiful. This is why it was chosen as the filming location for this drama. It was a perfect match for the show. Everything about the location fits perfectly.

Another intriguing fact is that Södertälje was considered a production site as it is actually right next to Stockholm, about 30 kilometers away.

Are you also drawn to the spectacular surroundings? We were delighted to help you now that your doubt has been resolved.

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