What is the Lifetime Reindeer Games Homecoming movie about?

Vacation is finally here ! Life is fun with a little Christmas cheer. Among the program is Homecoming reindeer games.

The film follows MacKenzie “Mac” Graves, a Vermont biology professor who keeps her father’s memory alive through the town’s fundraising tradition, The Reindeer Games. He was a beloved fire chief and the heart of these festivities, so every year since his death, Mac and his father’s former team compete to win the games.

This year, however, a wrench is thrown into Mac’s plans. That won’t stop him from competing, but it did up the ante. In high school, she had a crush on Chase Weston who became a Hollywood star. Although his career is starting to fold, he’s still a big deal.

In town to visit his pregnant sister and nephew for Christmas, Chase becomes involved in the games which sparks a competition between him and Mac. The two compete for the Kris Kringle Cup but as things heat up between them, Chase realizes he wants to win the games and Mac’s heart too.

Here’s more about the movie!

Reindeer Games Homecoming Lifetime Release Date

The film will premiere Saturday, November 12 at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime. If you miss reindeer gamesfor its debut, it will rebroadcast on Sunday, November 13 at 12:01 a.m. and 2 p.m. ET. It will also be available to stream the following day on mylifetime.com. The film is rated TV-PG. You can watch a preview here.

Reindeer Games Homecoming cast

The cast according to IMDb:

  • Sarah Drew as MacKenzie Graves
  • Justin Bruening as Chase Weston
  • Brian Sills as Simon Cook
  • Ava Cheung as Kit
  • Dorian Giordano as Jeremy
  • Shannon McDonough as Teri Mazzeo
  • Richard Patrick Tolton II as Kyle

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