These Things Happen In Every Shrek Movie

Besides being a heartfelt love story, biting fantasy satire and coming-of-age saga, the original “Shrek” was also a buddy-cop action movie about two unlikely partners on opposite sides. of the personality spectrum. Shrek was the gruff, antisocial doer, while his sidekick Donkey was the gregarious people-pleaser with a sunny disposition.

The relationship between Shrek and Donkey covers certain beats again and again in each of the films. At first, Shrek feels impatient with Donkey due to his curious and talkative nature. Meanwhile, Donkey ignores Shrek’s irritation, as he recognizes that beneath the fearsome ogre’s gruff exterior beats a heart of gold. At one point, the differences between the two characters prove too great and they argue.

But just when it seems their friendship is about to fall apart, Shrek and Donkey are reminded of how important they are to each other. The duo reconcile and work together to end the issues they and their loved ones are facing. From their days of bickering over who can live in the swamp, to raising their children side by side, the vitriolic top buds have developed one of the best friendships in movie history.

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