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Millions of diapers for WestSide Baby – but it’s just the start

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What a relief! western baby hosted shipments totaling 1 million diapers last week, in part thanks to pandemic relief – with $ 225,000 received from the city of Seattle Distribution of layers of the local budget recovery fund against the coronavirus program. We were at the nonprofit white center this morning when the last installment arrived. Yet as impressive as a million layers may seem, the need is even greater.

Last year alone, WestSide Baby provided families with a record number of diapers – 2.4 million. Executive director Sarah cody roth note: “In King County, 23% of families could not afford enough diapers and the devastating economic impacts of COVID only widened this gap.” The nonprofit has strong community support, but the city’s contribution has made a huge difference. West Seattle / South Park City Council Member Lisa Herbold, who chairs the Public Safety and Social Services Committee, calls WS Baby “a regional treasure … helping low-income families survive the pandemic”. According to WestSide Baby, her neighbor WC was also of invaluable help. The Mexican, who temporarily donated warehouse space to help store all of those diapers. Now they are rushing to distribute them quickly!

(Photo by Baby WestSide)

This photo is from a delivery to the High Point neighborhood of West Seattle. “We’ve never done anything this big before – we’re coordinating the distribution of 700,000 diapers over the next 4 weeks, one of the fastest and largest distributions we’ve ever made, all in response to emergency needs this winter, “said Will owen, in charge of donations and logistics for WS Baby.

Here’s how you can help: Support the WS Baby Holiday Season JOY campaign – organize a diaper drive, donate to someone and / or donate money for purchases – and distributions! – can continue. Follow the link to see what else is on their list of most needed items, such as winter coats, warm hats and gloves, and baby hygiene items.

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