The pig from Nicolas Cage’s film “Pig” is dead

Nicolas Cage is the most successful actor in Pig (the most critically acclaimed film of his Oscar-winning career), but everyone knows the real star of the film is the titular Truffle Hunting Pig, played by Brandy. Sadly, as director Michael Sarnoski revealed in a recent interview with the Cinema scene, Brandy passed away last year.

“She had a jaw infection, in fact, at the onset of COVID, and the sad part is that because of COVID not all vets were taking, like, new clients, so they couldn’t. not process it. So she died, which was really sad, ”he said. It’s a shame, but there is good news. “She was actually pregnant while we were filming Pig, so she still has piglets still running today, ”added Sarnoski.

Cage (who is really excellent in the movie) was asked about Pig get the Oscars buzz at Monday’s Gotham Awards. “Any type of enthusiasm is always welcome” he said AND online. “But the reality is, it’s about telling stories that connect with people. And I think this movie did, and that’s what we brought, and that’s good enough for me. Even though Cage isn’t nominated, Brandy better show up at the In Memoriam.

Pig is available on VOD. You can read our interview with the film’s food consultant here.

(Going through the Cinema scene)

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