The abortion pill is now easier to obtain in Quebec

The United States Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has undoubtedly brought the issue of access to abortion and contraception to the fore – and Quebec is clarifying its position. The provincial government is now facilitate access to the abortion pilla file under study at the College of Physicians of Quebec (CMQ) since January 2022.

Before the update, the CMQ required people requesting the abortion pill to undergo a pelvic ultrasound to check the stage and location of pregnancy.

In addition, the doctors who prescribed the pill had to undergo specific training if they did not already know this area of ​​the practice of abortion, specifies the CMQ.

As of July 14, 2022, the ultrasound requirement has been permanently lifted.

As for the training requirement for physicians, the College no longer considers refresher courses as a necessity. Clinicians can now use their own clinical judgment and “learned society recommendations” to administer an abortion pill prescription.

It is now the “responsibility of the doctor to ensure that he has the knowledge and skills to prescribe this drug, as for any other care, drug or treatment, in compliance with his ethical obligations”, specifies the CMQ.

The CMQ will also ensure that the training is easily accessible to clinicians to acquire any additional knowledge or skills required to prescribe this drug. However, this training will not be imposed or made compulsory.

Although the questions surrounding the use of telemedicine, the maximum number of weeks of gestation to be prescribed the pill and the contribution of other health professionals in the prescription of the drug remain unanswered, the CMQ specifies that a ” working group will look into these training tools.”

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