Step into Preston’s vintage shop promoting size inclusion

Size inclusive and sustainable vintage fashion in Preston! Pic The Vintage Shop

Over the past two weeks, we’ve celebrated some of the local businesses that promote sustainability while selling second-hand and vintage clothing. Following the success of her online business selling plus-size vintage clothing, Roxanne Eloise Flynn created The Vintage Boutique, the first vintage boutique in the north that accepts all sizes. Operating out of a cute and colorful building outside the Once Was Lost bar on Market Street West, Roxanne sells a range of beautiful vintage clothes in all sizes. We went to find out more.


Boutique Vintage launched just over two months ago with a show featuring real women of all sizes.

“It was fantastic,” Roxanne said. “I specialize in plus sizes in Plus Size Pin-Up Boutique, my online store on Instagram, but I promote size inclusivity in my shop, offering sizes from extra small to size 22 /24 I also stocked larger items.

Roxanne is proud to promote body positivity and vintage fashion for everyone. Pic The Vintage Shop

“I select everything that is stored. The shop has a selection of 1990s summer dresses, but the majority of the clothes are from the 1980s or earlier. I don’t stock sportswear, but I stock men’s clothing, women’s clothing, and many gender-neutral items. I have a variety of patterned shirts that are perfect for festival season, they can be worn open over vests, or buttoned up and fabulous dresses.

After launching her online store during confinement, Roxanne quickly attracted nearly two thousand subscribers eager to buy plus-size vintage clothing.

Roxanne started by selling vintage clothes online by showcasing them on Instagram. Pic Shop Pin Up Plus Size

“I want to encourage freedom with fashion and clothing,” Roxanne said. “Especially for women with bigger bodies, you don’t have to hide or wear black. It’s time we broke the rules of fat fashion, like not wearing stripes.

“It’s really important, though, that people feel comfortable, otherwise it ruins your day. I set up the shop so customers can come in, browse, play, try on clothes and find something unique that they wouldn’t normally wear but that matches their wardrobe and style. .

The Vintage boutique offers a range of patterned shirts, perfect for festival season. Pic The Vintage Shop

“With vintage and pre-loved, you have to invest time in looking. If you’re just dipping your toe into vintage, maybe try swapping something you’d usually wear with a vintage item. So, if you’re looking for a denim jacket, look in a vintage store rather than the high street, you’ll find something unique that not everyone wears on the street.

Roxanne enjoys trying to help people feel confident in what they wear.

Roxanne stocks clothes in all sizes, from extra small to size 22. Pic. Plus Size Pin Up Shop

“A customer came to try on a dress she had seen online. She felt her body had changed since she had a baby, your body doesn’t just bounce back. Unfortunately the dress was too big on her shoulders but I entertained her baby while she had time and space to play and try on some pieces. She left with two beautiful, unique dresses that she will wear again and again.

In addition to clothing, The Vintage Boutique offers a range of vintage accessories, which change with the seasons. Pic The Vintage Shop

As well as stocking clothes, Roxanne also has accessories such as sunglasses, from £5, with clothes from £15. High-end items such as leather jackets sell for around £60. As the seasons change, The Vintage Boutique stock also changes. Roxanne plans to launch an appointment service from September, allowing customers to browse the store privately.

Vintage Fuschia super soft lambskin leather jacket from The Vintage Boutique.

The Vintage Boutique is open from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It is located along the cobbled lane from Friargate, opposite the Town House Coffee Bar, to Market Street West, outside Once Was Lost. Roxanne also works outside of the hours listed above, and if so, she places her A board on Friargate.

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