Russian-Ukrainian war: Ukrainians in Mariupol deprived of essential items as attacks continue

At a summit in Turkey, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said nothing of peace, instead doubling down on his version of the truth.

When confronted with yesterday’s atrocities at the Mariupol maternity ward, he claimed there were no women or children present and that the hospital was a base for Ukrainian fighters.

“It’s not the first time that we hear pathetic cries about so-called atrocities committed by the Russian armed forces,” Lavrov said.

The Siege of Mariupol is now a citywide atrocity.

Yesterday a hospital, today a building where the emergency services operate was hit. Whether deliberate or indiscriminate, the results are the same.

Ambulance and fire crews are now blocked from rescuing others in a city descending into hell. Water, gas and electricity have been cut off for days.

Two weeks ago it was a thriving town with hip bars, now its people are barely surviving.

“We don’t have clean water – it’s about 10-12 degrees (Fahrenheit) in our apartments, we don’t have gas, we’re freezing,” said a woman from Maripol.

“We have no food, men are looting here, trees are being cut down, bodies are buried in the courtyards of their buildings, it’s so scary, we can’t live like this.”

That’s the sad reality of death here.

So far, 70 bodies have been dumped unceremoniously into a hastily dug pit, but Mariupol officials say there could be two or three times that number still lying in areas too dangerous to enter.

And to add insult to death and injury, it appears that Russian soldiers are now resisting in Ukrainian homes, so much so as not to be an occupying force.

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