Royal Preston Hospital Appeal reunites lost plush bunny with baby

The bunny with Little Miss Giggles. Photo: Chorley and Royal Preston Hospitals

A baby who visited Royal Preston Hospital has found a lost stuffed rabbit thanks to a call on Twitter.


Oliver Weyer made his way to ward eight of the hospital, but unbeknownst to his father, Benjamin Weyer, little Oliver threw his bunny out of his car seat as they returned to the parking lot.

Fortunately, hospital staff discovered the bunny and used Twitter to challenge the owners.

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Oliver Weyer with his rabbit

In the voices of The Lost Rabbit and Little Miss Giggles, Chorley and Royal Preston Hospitals tweeted: “Hello. While we love to volunteer when making inquiries to RPH, we would rather return to our loved ones.

We were both dropped off in the parking lot outside Preston Hospital today. Help us find our young owners. Can you RT and take us home? Now do you need a free card? “

Benjamin responded quickly and managed to reunite baby and rabbit this week.

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