Rorschach Movie Review: Mammootty’s Terrific Performance Finds a Match in Bindu Panicker

How to see a film like Rorschach again without spoiling certain aspects of it? Screenwriter Sameer Abdul has pieced together such a delightful puzzle that one small reveal could just unravel the entire plot. Wait, no scratches that. Even if I told you the whole story now, you’d still be surprised how it all turns out. That’s how twisted and diabolical this film is.

Simply put, Rorschach is a revenge thriller. But, to describe it like that is barely scratching the surface. Director Nissam Basheer and Sameer dig deeper to reveal the darker parts of the human psyche. At some point, do you have the impression that this film will end one day? No, you don’t feel that because the narration is too long or boring. It’s because you will be shocked at how far a human being can go when he is consumed with revenge. How does revenge work? In a traditional sense, if someone hurts you, you hurt them back, call them equal and move on. But what if even the death of the person tormenting you doesn’t end your thirst for revenge? What if you never wanted to let your enemy find peace even in his death? What if you’re willing to thrust your arms into the depths of hell and pull out the very soul of the person who wronged you, then subject them to more pain and torture ? Then you wonder if it will ever end.

Mammootty magnificently embodies the psychological condition of a man with bottomless revenge. Luke Antony (Mammootty) is stuck in his life, as is his car, which crashed into a tree just off the road and remains there, refusing to budge. Luke is looking for his missing wife, who we are told is pregnant. She disappeared after the car accident. The cops are scratching their heads as they are unable to find the missing woman. And Luke refuses to leave town without finding her. An otherwise sleepy town is now buzzing with gossip and theories about Luke and his ulterior motives.

Luke is a very difficult character to like. This film puts us in a very difficult situation. While we understand Luke’s emotional state, it’s hard to come to terms with everything he does in pursuit of his revenge. His revenge does not only want to put an end to the life of his enemy, but to sully all the memories he left behind on earth. And he goes to great lengths to achieve this. Although he shows shades of kindness, his insidiousness and malevolence are hard to forgive.

Another actor who shines as much, if not more than Mammootty, is Bindu Panicker. Her character’s transformation is dizzying, especially the final reveal that brings out the primary source of this unfathomable pain and suffering is jaw-dropping. Who knew that a mother’s love could be such a powerful poison?

Composer Midhun Mukundan deserves a special mention as his background music is terrific. The musical cues blend into each scene and add wonderfully to the unfolding mystery.

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