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With one of Pennsylvania’s first Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers set to open on June 21, Penn State students are wondering what other food chains could fill the void at State College restaurants.

Many of these restaurants are in student hometowns, and there are a wide selection of chain restaurants on North and South Atherton Street and downtown, but some of the classics are missing from the Penn State setting.

Here is a list of restaurant and fast food chains that I think should come to State College just to spruce it up.

Chili’s Grill & Bar

Chili’s tends to be a popular favorite due to its wide selection, and no one can go wrong with a $5 margarita of the month. This month features a “StrawEddy ‘Rita,” which is perfect for spring.

The fries and salsa appetizer is also a popular selection because it’s just plain good. I also get at least two baskets every time I go, and you can get guacamole or queso with it.

Along with starters, the menu offers many entree choices including the famous Chilean fajitas, ribs and a choice of burgers. Salads, chicken crisps, and Cajun chicken pasta are also popular.

Chile needs to come to State College. Lots of food options to choose from, my bill isn’t too expensive and it tastes so good. I always leave so satisfied.

State College previously had a Chili’s, but it was replaced by Champs Downtown in December 2015.

The cheesecake factory

Every time I walk into this restaurant I feel like I’m walking into a palace. There’s just something about The Cheesecake Factory’s structure and colors that makes me want to buy everything on the menu.

Although this restaurant tends to be in big cities and tourist areas, I think it would do well in that area. What college student doesn’t crave carbs and something sweet?

Restaurants offer flatbreads, pizzas, seafood, steaks, pastas, a weekend breakfast selection, and of course, every form of cheesecake you can imagine.

I will be happy to request this restaurant to come to State College. It is an ideal place for a birthday dinner, a romantic evening or even to satisfy certain cravings.

Burger In-N-Out

With locations mostly on the West Coast and in the Southwest, the chances of In-N-Out Burger coming to State College are pretty rare, but I still think it should.

Every summer, someone I follow on social media who’s on vacation posts a photo or video of themselves in front of the famous In-N-Out Burger, and I always hear how great the burgers, fries and milkshakes are good.

I think this fast food chain would be a huge hit in this area, because Penn State welcomes students from all over the country, and it would make them feel like home.

Little Caesars

While there are plenty of on-campus and off-campus pizzerias for plenty of boozy nights out, downtown State College needs a Little Caesars.

It’s cheap, it has a decent sized menu and the restaurant gives you so much food.

Besides its wide variety of pizzas, it also offers wings, “crazy bread” and cheese bread, my favorite item on the menu. If I was told it was my last day to live, I would choose to eat this cheese bread for my last meal.

It’s also handy to have a Little Caesars for football season due to tailgating and the need for something cheap and filling.


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