Nargis Fakhri opens up about his body shame | Hindi Movie News

More often than not, celebrities are often criticized for their body image, especially on social media platforms. That said, Bollywood actress Nargis Fakhri recently opened up about the same.

In an interview with a news portal, Nargis shared that she suffered fat shaming when she took a three-year hiatus after the 2016 film Azhar and returned to the big screen with the film. of 2019 Amavas.

With a drastic change in her body, rumors swirled that the actress had taken a maternity break. In fact, multiple sources also claimed she was pregnant. She later wrote a strongly worded note on Instagram with before and after photos, “Living life in the public eye can be very difficult at times. As much as it is a blessing, it also comes with its drawbacks. Over the past 2 years I have gained weight. On the left I weighed 178 pounds and on the right I was 129. Since then I have lost 20 pounds by changing my lifestyle. If I can do it, so can you.”

When asked about it, the actress shared that there is a certain look or appearance that people expect of you, and so it often becomes pressure to maintain it. She further stated that this notion is fun and you can never be good enough because everyone has an opinion.

She recalled people constantly asking her to put on weight when she arrived in India because she was “too thin”. And the fact that she gained weight, people started to assume that she was pregnant. She revealed that she had been hurt upon realizing later that it was her job to take care of herself and started training.

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