M&S shoppers angry over ‘horrific’ details of £ 35 maternity dress

Street giant M&S ​​found itself in the middle of a heated online debate thanks to one of its summer dresses.

Posting on Facebook, Marks and Spencer shared a photo of a model wearing her £ 35 striped linen dress.

The dress was photographed on a pregnant woman – so you would expect it to be beautiful and spacious and made of a cooler fabric for the summer months.

But it didn’t take long for complaints to start pouring in after buyers noticed a “horrible” flaw with the dress – it’s wrinkled.

Yes, a linen dress had the absolute audacity to wrinkle. Can you believe it?

One reviewer blasted: “Simply awful!”

Another said: “Linen always looks messy once it’s wrinkled.”

“I wouldn’t buy anything Linen, it always creases and looks scruffy,” criticized a third reviewer.

Someone else said, “The whole outfit looks dull.

A fifth suggested, “Looks like a tea towel.”

However, the negative reviews haven’t gone unnoticed with other buyers – some seemingly losing patience with all the negativity displayed.

Some social media users have fired back in defense of the dress.

“To anyone posting here it’s dreadful, drab, looks like a dish towel … If you see a model displayed in store that you don’t like, find yourself a staff member and go theirs. to say ?!.

“I’m pretty sure not, you probably just go on and walk past. I just don’t understand the need for the horrible comments here. It’s just getting worse and worse,” said one disgruntled buyer.

Another said, “It’s crumpled” – well, of course – it’s linen.

“It’s dull” – it’s simple, relaxed and effortless. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to dress like this.

“Looks like a tea towel” – never wear stripes, checks or anything with a pattern then. “

“I love it. The vertical stripes are so flattering and the linen is comfortable to wear in the summer. Beautiful colors too. I would definitely wear it,” said a third fan, defending the dress.

Another wrote: “I bought 2 like this last summer and they are so comfy …”

Marks and Spencer has been contacted for comment.

The Linen Striped Midi Shift Dress is available for purchase on the M&S website for £ 35 now.

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