Movie Review: Frost (2022)

Grant (Vernon Wells of Commando and The road warrior celebrity) and Abby (Devanny Pinn, Number of deaths) are a father/daughter couple who have grown apart over the years, but the impending birth of Abby’s child has sparked a reconnection between the two.

After a few of those fond old memories, the pair set off on a fishing trip near Grant’s secluded cabin deep in the woods. A car accident en route to said trip completely upsets everyone’s plans as Abby becomes trapped in the car, and as the weather deteriorates, Grant has no choice but to leave Abby and go. go get help.

All that aside, there’s also a snarling wolf lurking around, because being pregnant and alone in the freezing cold wasn’t hard enough for our heroine…

Director Brandon Slagle (from a screenplay by writer Robert Thompson and a story by James Cullen Bressack) delivered a razor-sharp story about despair and claustrophobia in Freezewhose story takes place, for the most part, in the enclosure of a badly damaged car.

Left alone with Abby, we depend on the acting skills of gender vet Pinn, and she’s more than up to the task as she runs the gamut from fear and despair in places a lot, a lot darker with equal aplomb. It’s really her show and she shines!

Also worth noting is Wells’ quieter turn, who we all know can play an over-the-top madman like no other, but can also handle drama with equal skill.

Adding to the overall vibe of this feature, the cinematography is courtesy of Kelton Jones who keeps the palette ice cold and the shots tight, adding to the aforementioned claustrophobia and unease, and the often upsetting effects of Oliver Poser which increase in intensity as things get more and more desperate for our protagonist.

While the feature is a study in heart-pounding suspense, well done, the special features present on this DVD release of Cleopatra do little to compliment its excellence, and consist only of a trailer (accompanied by ‘a selection of trailers for other Cleopatra titles) and a slideshow of images.

Freeze is a perfect example of what can be achieved with a handful of very strong actors, a major (and easy to get) location, and a story that’s not afraid to go to certain seriously dark territory. Check this one out on Cats and Creeps!

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