Movie Review: “A Journal for Jordan” is a heartbreaking Denzel | Movie Television

MARK KENNEDY Associated Press

Make sure you pack some tissues before you see “A Journal for Jordan” – and we don’t just want to keep the omicron variant at bay.

No, this Denzel Washington-directed love story can leave you sobbing as it explores duty, sacrifice, death, and parenthood.

Washington wins the tears of his audience with an unhurried and non-appearing style, letting an adult and very human relationship evolve in front of the camera, jumping from year to year over love, birth, death. death and acceptance.

This is the story of the true love story between 1st Army Sgt. Charles Monroe King and journalist Dana Canedy, two apparent opposites whose life together was tragically cut short.

She is a Type A city dweller who loves pop music and will likely honk cars in front of a traffic light when the light is green; he is a patient country boy who enjoys old movies on the radio and expressionist art. He eats salad and goes to the gym; it does neither.

She’s focused on her New York Times career when we meet her, not very interested in a long-term commitment. “Men are a luxury, not a necessity,” she likes to say. Until she meets him.

Michael B. Jordan plays the king and rising star Chanté Adams plays Canedy. Their on-screen chemistry is beautifully evident, a timid nostalgia that roars in lust and adoration. They have to overcome the separation – she’s in New York, he’s in Kentucky – and the war, when he’s deployed to Iraq while she’s pregnant.

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