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In creative writing classes, one of the first things they teach is that in order to create a good story, you have to start with a character who wants something, can’t have it, and has an evolutionary path to achieve it. its goal and become a new version. of themselves. Well, all that stuff in the new movie released by Netflix, mother / android, They are not there. It’s a shame because this film, which has just been released on the catalog of the streaming platform, had all the potential to be a hit: both for the main actress of the film, Chloé Moretz, who usually gives us Nice explanations, but also because of the trailer and the synopsis of the film. The movie I narrated looked really promising with its combination of dystopian genre, a bit of sci-fi, and a motherhood theme that is always a winning argument if approached well. Mother / AndroidHowever, everything revolves around the catchy (and slightly misleading) title and a good idea, on paper, is a complete disappointment.

Slow, in fact, so slow with repetitive scenes that add nothing to the story and characterization of the characters but are so boring that it becomes inevitable that you pick up the phone and start scrolling through the usual social pages. while waiting for something to happen. And the whole robot part was not presented, to the so called robot that took the world by starting to wipe out all humans on earth, which was supposed to be one of the main elements of the movie. With all the necessary attention and no detail in context. The film has become almost a secondary aspect of a story that doesn’t start at the end, continue, and get nowhere.

Without forgetting the theme of motherhood, which is one of the most discussed topics in recent years in the world of cinema with films that have been able to tell it so brilliantly, just think of cut for women the the missing girlAnd But in Mother / AndroidEven motherhood is neglected and poorly developed, becoming just an excuse to move forward in the story.

The only interesting aspect of the film is a very short dialogue between the robot and Georgia (Chloe Moretz), the protagonist of the story, where he explains that what makes humans weak is always love, bonds, “become connected while the robots never. Falling into the traps of the heart is the reason they were able to control the humans. However, even here the sentence is said quickly and is not deepened even a minute longer than the time needed to pronounce it.

Basic dialogues, a poorly written plot, a story that leads nowhere and two hours of film that doesn’t teach you anything new at the end of the viewing. The buildings were there but couldn’t stand the transition from theory to practice, and that’s what makes the difference in cinema.

Rating: 5

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