Most essential saline wash for nasal congestion

Using a nasal saline spray can help you avoid nasal irritation and clear the stuffy nose. It can also be used to relieve nasal congestion during a cold.

A saline spray helps the development of nasal immunity

Winter is a difficult time for people with respiratory problems, as the air quality drops to levels that could lead to a health crisis. With the pandemic still in effect, it is essential to keep viral and bacterial infections, as well as allergens, at bay.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the pandemic has increased our awareness of hygiene, forcing us to reconsider many of our past practices. Going out without hand sanitizer or a mask, for example, seems unthinkable now. Also, now is a great time to start using nasal saline spray to take care of yourself.

Why is saline washing important?

The nose serves as an effective filter for air contaminants such as smoke, dust, allergens, etc. Airborne pathogens, allergens, bacteria, viruses and more are prevented from entering the lungs and causing damage to the inner skin of the nose. Continuous exposure to harmful components, on the other hand, irritates the nose and disrupts its basic practicality. As a result, the body becomes vulnerable to cold and metabolic disturbances.

Taking care of your nasal hygiene even becomes necessary in this context. A saline spray is one such practice that can help the development of nasal immunity.

As you are constantly exposed to various types of air pollutants in your daily life. The longer these pollutants stay in your nasal passages, the more likely you are to develop respiratory infections. By removing foreign particles from the nasal cavity while moisturizing it, saline nasal washing can reduce congestion and help with better breathing.

Make saline washing a daily practice

In addition to improving your daily hygiene, a nasal wash can protect you from disease factors in the air. Nasal washing can help improve nasal function by removing scabs, cell debris, mucus, and other air pollutants.

Using a nasal saline spray can help you avoid nasal irritation and clear the stuffy nose. It can also be used to relieve nasal congestion during a cold.

Saline nasal sprays can help improve nasal function by removing bacteria and other nasal irritants that have lodged in the nose. It can be useful as an adjunct treatment for people with sinusitis or rhinitis. As a result, saline nasal wash can provide year-round protection against a variety of airborne illnesses.

Here are some simple instructions for nasal washing using a nasal spray:

  • Blow your nose gently if necessary.
  • If the nasal spray has not been used for a long time, spray once in the air before use.
  • Using the other hand gently on the other side, insert the tip into the nostril aiming at the pupil of the eye on the same side and spray briefly (2-3 seconds) and let the excess solution flow.
  • Repeat the same for the other nostril.
  • Leave the spray to act for a few seconds. Do not blow your nose during this time but wipe it off if necessary.

(Dr Ranbeer Singh, MBBS, DLO and Senior ENT Surgeon)

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