Meet Sophie Skelton: The Time Traveler’s Daughter

Guess what! It’s time for Sophie Skelton to embrace a sedentary side of Brianna Fraser. Looks like Brianna won’t be traveling during the final season of Outlander. Sophie Skelton remains happy in the past and can’t wait to bring new dimensions to her character. It’s been barely two years since we last saw Sophie play Brianna Fraser Mackenzie, the strong-willed person who followed her mother Claire Randall Fraser back in time on Outlander. The pandemic kept us waiting for time travel to resume but it sure got the show back on its feet with its Season 6 with all of our favorite characters back on screen. Check out the latest details on Sophie Skelton and how excited she is to bring Brianna Fraser back!

The Time Traveler’s Daughter: Brianna Fraser Mackenzie

Outlander is popularly known for its drama (time travel prequel) and season 6 should be no different. The repercussions of the previous season’s finale – where Brianna’s father, Jamie Fraser, rescued Claire from outlaw kidnappers who kidnapped her and her son Jemmy tried (and failed) to return to relative safety from the 1960s – have yet to be revealed. The impending Revolutionary War looms in the background of The Echo Maker, threatening to disrupt any sense of peace the Fraser-Mackenzie family may find in their North Carolina outback home.

Sophie Skelton Explores a Sedentary Side of Brianna in Season 6

The last season has brought several changes but one thing is certain that there will be a lot of changes in the upcoming season for the Fraser-Mackenzie clan. In In Brianna’s case, Skelton says this season will highlight a side of her character that audiences haven’t seen before: a relatively “settled” side as chaos swirls around her. Previous seasons have seen Brianna go through a lot on trips to the past.

This season, she has time to do things out of power like motherhood and family life. The first episode showed off those motherly-like scenes beautifully, and a lot of people were happy because it’s been a while since we’ve seen certain family aspects so well portrayed on the show.

Sophie Skelton shares some of her favorite scenes from the final season

Sophie Skelton seems a little excited to explore the sedentary side of her character. She shared with a few publications her favorite tracks from the last season. One of the first scenes she talks about is the first scene where we see Roger and Brianna again. She explains how the chaos throughout the season is shown very calmly from Brianna. Another scene where Bree and Claire are present is one of her favorites. She shared the moments between mothers and daughters that are important to show. She further added that she was pleased with how Brianna’s character stepped in to help Claire deal with her trauma and relieved that they didn’t just brush her off. Coming out of second seas, Sophie has established her own place and fans have been supporting Brianna over the past season.

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