MEDIAWATCH: Political podcast Gone by Lunchtime

I’m listening to this so you don’t have to. It was a mix between state-funded social engineering propaganda on The Spin-off or state-funded social engineering propaganda on Stuff where they just launched a new podcast examining the impact of the news on women.

I’m not kidding, they really did.

So I went with the shorter of the two evils and listened to The Spin-offs’ in-house production of their political podcast “Gone by Lunctime”.

It is a community service that Ben Thomas does to apologize to the awakened ones for working with Matthew Hooton.

The first 10 minutes were spent laughing at the podcast awards and Annabelle spoke endlessly of a pigeon.

I am not joking.

This is a discussion on Tuis.

Which becomes an extended metaphor on vaccinations.

TDB recommends

Then they talk about the table they are sitting at.

Is this how they speak in real life?

Winding, harmless nonsense that slowly leads nowhere?

Is it their political debate?

He has all the energy and drive of a vegan baby in a hot car.

Duncan Grieve makes a surprise entry to brag about how much money NZ on Air has given them, then begs listeners overwhelmingly for MORE money!

‘MORE GRAVY’ cries Duncan, drowning in creamy public money,

The show regains its icy tone and I struggle to find a reason to keep breathing.

How is this annoyance funded by NZ on Air?

There has to be a new political podcast broadcast live by much funnier people available on Spotify and ROVA and Apple Podcasts and YouTube by the end of this month, dammit!

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