Marks Blog: Top Dogs and Cheville Biters

The big ones get bigger. The rich get richer. To the victor goes the booty. These lingering aphorisms certainly reflect how the retail landscape has been transformed by the pandemic.

There is no doubt that Amazon, Walmart, Target and Costco have consolidated their leadership positions and captured huge market share. They have everything, literally, from broccoli bedding to formula milk. And they have the ability to keep getting it, being large enough to call the first dibs on vendor goods, even when goods are scarce. A retail forecaster I spoke with recently called them the “Big Four.” I’ll call them “Top Dogs”.

There’s a furious rush in the middle of the retail pack for market share goodies. A few of the traditional mid-level retailers have gained new customers and are working tirelessly to retain them. Kohl’s added 2 million in 2020 and reported that 25% of customers who come to new Sephora shop-in-shops are new. Macy’s attracted more than 4 million new buyers in the third quarter, up 28% year-on-year. TJX in November reported an influx of new customers and greater market share, although the company didn’t put a number on it.

You have to thank Bed Bath & Beyond for taking a look at what Top Dogs have that those in the middle are missing – the grocery store – and for taking a step forward. One of the most intriguing launches in 2022 will be BBB’s partnership with Kroger. A selection of Bed Bath & Beyond home and baby products and its Buybuy Baby nameplate will be available on the Kroger website. Additionally, an unknown number of Kroger grocery formats will pilot small-scale assortments in physical stores.

Also watch activity among ankle biters – the plethora of tightly defined numerically native brands whose ranks seem to swell endlessly. On their own, their volume of home textiles is mere flesh coiled on the skin of a large-volume husky. Brooklinen and Boll & Branch – according to HTT estimates, the sweet home leaders in this space – each generate about as many home textiles sales per year as 15 Walmart stores.

But overall, small dogs are energetic and have proven to be adept at customer engagement. They push their muzzle into the bowl a lot for a larger portion of Alpo. Digital mattress brands have added bedding. Bedding brands are moving towards bath accessories and soft accessories. Pure games move to the physical realm through stores with the Alphas and by themselves.

In some cases, their bark may turn out to be worse than their bite. But it’s sobering to remember how quickly a large dog can lose stature or fade into oblivion. Ten years ago, JCPenney had over $ 1 billion in home textiles sales, more than double the volume of soft home business at HomeGoods and Amazon at the time. Kmart was a top retail account and Wayfair wasn’t even on the radar. In. Correct. Ten. Year.

Further proof that no matter what changes, it’s still a dog-eating dog world.

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