Guide to Laundry on a Cruise Ship

Doing laundry while on a cruise may not be necessary for some, but it can be useful on longer cruises or for passengers traveling with young children who wear lots of clothes.

Another factor to consider is that cruise lines are not permitted to bring irons or steamers on board due to a potential fire hazard, which sometimes makes emergency services useful.

All major cruise lines offer options for washing, dry cleaning and ironing clothes on board. Some have self-service laundry facilities; others have laundry services that will take your laundry away for cleaning.

Here’s an overview of what’s available by cruise line, along with information on which passengers are eligible to receive complimentary services on board their cruise.

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival is one of the few cruise lines that offers guests the option of doing their own laundry or sending it in to be cleaned. Services include:

Self-service laundry

  • Located on the cabin decks, the self-service laundries (as they call them) have 2-3 washers and 2-3 dryers, as well as an iron and ironing board.
  • They cost $3.50 per wash or dry and are charged to customers’ Sail & Sign cards. In addition, there are small boxes of detergent and water softener at a cost of $2.00 per box.

Full service laundry

  • Valet laundry service for washing and ironing. Options include 48 hour service or next day service which costs 50% more.
  • Guests can make an entire bag for $15.00 or can send in individual items.

An example of prices:

  • A dress costs $7.50 to wash or $6.00 to press
  • A suit costs $7.00 to iron, $5.00 to wash and iron pants

Platinum (75-199 points) or Diamond (over 200 points) passengers with Carnival’s VIPP (Very Important Fun Person) loyalty program receive complimentary laundry services, although frequency varies depending on length of stay. cruise. Carnival Excel Suites also benefited from a free laundry service.

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity does not have self-service laundry options; however, they offer their customers the option of sending laundry to be washed, dry-cleaned or ironed. Guests simply fill the bag provided and notify the attendant of their cabin.

Some sample prices include

  • Laundry: Long sleeve shirt $7.00, pants $7.00 and t-shirt $3.75
  • Dry cleaning: suit $19.00, long-sleeved shirt $7.50 and address $16.00
  • Pressing only: Suit $14.00, long-sleeved shirt $5.75 and dress $8.00

For customers who are members of Captain’s Club, Celebrity’s loyalty program, there are laundry benefits depending on the level.

  • Elite level (300-740 points), receive one free laundry bag per cruise.
  • Elite Plus (750-2999 points) receives two free laundry bags per cruise.
  • Zenith Tier (over 3000 points) receives free laundry, with no specified limits.

Additionally, some suites have free laundry facilities, although this varies by ship.

Disney cruise line

Guests on Disney cruise ships have the option of self-service laundry or pickup service from their cabins, with express next-day and same-day service. A big plus for a family oriented cruise line. Here’s an overview of what’s on offer:

Self-service laundry

  • Available 24 hours a day, cruise passengers can use their Key to the World card to operate washing machines and dryers, as well as purchase detergents and dryer sheets.
  • The cost is $3.00 per wash and dry.
  • Free ironing facilities are also provided but should only be used in the laundry rooms.

Full Service Laundry Pickup

  • Customers also have the option of having laundry sent out to be washed or dry cleaned, with next day return. Express laundry service is available at an additional cost.
  • The washing price is reasonable, about $5.00 for pants, $4.00 for shirts.
  • Prices for dry cleaning and press only vary by item and are provided on the ship.

Disney Cruise Line does not offer laundry loyalty benefits.

Holland America Line

The cruise line offers guests a full laundry and dry cleaning service on every ship in the Holland America Line fleet. Laundry bags and price lists are in the guest cabins (in the closet).

Mariner Society, the cruise line’s loyalty program, offers some laundry benefits. Guests at the 4-star level (200-499 cruise day credits) and 5-star level (over 500 cruise day credits) receive complimentary laundry and pressing services.

Additionally, complimentary laundry, dry cleaning and dry cleaning services are offered for select suites in the PS-SB categories.

MSC Cruises

The European cruise line does not offer self-service laundry, but does offer a number of bundled options. Customers can have their clothes sent to be washed and dried. Options include:

  • 10 items for $28.00
  • 20 items for $38.00
  • 40 items for $49.00
  • Baby laundry, up to 10 items for $23.00
  • Baby laundry, up to 20 items for $35.00

Members of the MSC Voyagers Club enjoy certain laundry benefits:

  • Silver membership (2,200 to 4,299 points) gets 5% off laundry
  • Gold Membership (4,300-9,999) points, receive 10% laundry discount
  • Diamond Membership (10,000+ points) receives 15% off laundry

Norwegian cruise line

Norwegian does not offer self-service laundry on its ships, but does have the option of sending clothes to be washed, ironed or dry-cleaned. Prices vary per item or guests can fill a bag for approximately $30.00 for a bag.

Customers who are part of Norwegian’s Latitudes Rewards program enjoy certain laundry benefits:

  • Gold Tier (45-74 points) receive 50% off a laundry bag
  • Platinum level (75-150 points) receive a free laundry bag
  • Sapphire Tier (150-349 points) get a free laundry bag
  • Diamond Tier (350-699 points) get a free laundry bag
  • Ambassador level (over 700 points) gets a free laundry bag

Princess Cruises

Princess offers guests a self-service laundry option where clothes can be sent in for cleaning.

Self service:

  • Self-serve laundromats where washers, dryers and laundry products are available for $3.00 per load. Tokens can be purchased through the cruise line’s Medallion feature.
  • Irons/ironing boards are available in the self-service laundry rooms, but they are not permitted in any cabin.

Full Service Laundry Pickup

  • Customers can send their linen and it is returned within 48 hours or the same day with an express service.
  • Prices vary per item, from washing a shirt for $3.50 to dry cleaning for $4.00 for 48 services. A suite and a dress cost around $10.00.
  • There is an additional cost (up to 50%) for same day express service.

Elite Captain’s Circle members (15 cruises or 150 cruise days) also receive complimentary laundry and professional cleaning service. Guests sailing in full suites receive complimentary laundry as part of their benefits.

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean offers laundry, ironing, and dry cleaning services to guests, but no self-service options.

This can be arranged by cabin crew. The prices are indicated as follows:

  • $5.49 pants are washable, $3.99 iron,
  • The long-sleeved shirt costs $5.99 to wash or $3.99 to iron
  • One dress costs $8.99 to wash or $6.49 to dry clean

The cruise line also offers wash and fold specials during sailings, through which customers can fill a bag for the flat fee of $34.99 per bag.

There are no specific loyalty benefits related to laundry services. A complimentary ironing service for formal evenings is provided for guests in Grand Suites and Superior Rooms. Star class suite passengers received complimentary laundry and ironing services.

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