Football Tuesday Underwear Notes –

Bucs defensive players hang out before the start of Tuesday’s voluntary OTA underwear football practice.

It’s still all about voluntary OTAs as the Bucs head to the training grounds at One Buc Palace for the first ever spring training in underwear with veterans.

While the Bucs had several veterans who weren’t at One Buc Palace today, including Tom Brady, Mike Evans, Playoff Lenny, Donovan Smith and Devin White, many took part. Remember, this is football in underwear. There are no pads worn and no hitting or tackling of any kind is permitted. Think flag football without the flags. Here are some highlights:

* Blaine Gabbert got off to a good start when he completed a short pass to Cam Brate on the right sideline against tight Sean Murphy-Bunting coverage.

* Breshad Perriman with a soft grip straight into Kyle Trask’s left seam. When the Bucs broke position drills and went five-on-five, seven-on-seven, and 11-on-11, Joe didn’t see Ryan Griffin throw a pass at all. Of course, the games were screened by a wall of players, so he may have been absent.

* Travis Jonsen catches a pass from Trask and on the next play Trask hit Tyler Johnson on a throw down the middle.

* “Hello, my name is Zyon McCollum.” Trask tries to connect on a short pass along the left sideline and McCollum almost makes a choice.

* Gabbert tries to hit Ke’Shawn Vaughn in traffic and the ball goes incomplete down the right side.

* For those screaming for the Bucs to offload Donovan Smith and replace him with Tristan Wirfs, Joe has some disheartening information for you: With Smith not participating, Wirfs was still at the right tackle.

* Schiano Man Olakunhle Fatukasi picks off Trask along the right sideline and lodges him.

* Rainbow Gabbert a pass down the left sideline and it was like stealing candy from a baby for Dee Delaney, who got a pick six.

* Trask also throws a pass down the left sideline for Kaylon Geiger but that ball falls to the ground.

* Man, the Bucs have a lot of smurfs for backup receivers on the 90-man roster. Scotty Miller is among the greatest, and he is small.

* Trask throws in a crowd and it’s incomplete.

* Miller comes back on a return route (?) along the left sideline and catches a Trask pass.

* A race ! Giovani Bernard runs on the right tackle, turns the corner and hits the throws for a long touchdown run.

* Trask throws to Jerreth Sterns on the left side in a crowd. He immediately covers the ball with both arms to secure it. Solid fundamentals there.

* Trask throws short left into traffic and the ball pops in the air and lands incomplete.

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