FairPrice explains why a sexual wellness product is labeled ‘family essential’ on a FB ad

NTUC FairPrice released a statement after its carousel ad was called out for showing an image of a male sexual wellness product as a family essential by a netizen. Since then, FairPrice quickly removed the product and shared that the marketplace is being created within FairPrice Online to allow local Independent Business Partners to showcase and sell their products to FairPrice customers.

The platform often adds new sellers and generally ensures that the products sold comply with local regulations. However, in this case, the brand has decided to withdraw the products on display, it said in a statement to INTERACTIVE-MARKETING.

“Based on recent feedback received on this product, we have decided to remove all products under this subcategory. We apologize for any controversy these products may have caused,” he said. He added that as a progressive and evolving platform, “[it continues] to add new sellers, ensuring that the products sold on the market comply with all local regulations”.

A quick check by INTERACTIVE-MARKETING found that the product was no longer on the FairPrice online website.

According to images on AsiaOne and social discussion and content website Reddit, the announcement was for an American brand called “SVAKOM”. The brand started in 2012 to create “a good quality product” based on the mottos of care, elegance, fashion and intelligence”. The team has established operations and branches in several locations such as Los Angeles, Miami, Amsterdam and Shenzhen.

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The paperwork involved in marketing sexual wellness products

Earlier this year, a report by the nonprofit Center for Intimacy Justice in conjunction with pelvic health startup Origin claimed that Facebook’s parent company, Meta, had rejected advertisements about people’s health. women while allowing ads from men’s sexual wellness companies with sexual innuendo on Facebook. and Instagram.

According to the report, categories of startups with rejected ads included menopause, pelvic pain, pregnancy or postpartum care, menstrual health, fertility, sexual wellness, education and others. Meta generally classified these health advertisements as “adult products” and the report claimed that “Meta appears to apply this policy unevenly.”

Ads from companies such as VFit, Intimate Rose and Genneve were reportedly censored by Meta. On the other hand, the report stated that ads containing sexual innuendo from men’s sexual wellness brands such as Hims and Manscaped were allowed to run on Meta’s platforms.

Meanwhile, in Asia, sexual wellness businesses often have to deal with long-standing taboos, stigma and sexism.

In a previous interview with Cécile Gasnault, Chief Brand Officer at Ramblin’ Brands, who is the creator of women’s sexual wellness brand Smile Makers, brands like hers generally cannot advertise on platforms such as Facebook. . There is also a stigma when it comes to female sex products. “We’ve seen sexual wellness brands advertise on Facebook, but they sell male products, such as erectile dysfunction drugs, but they won’t allow any female sexual wellness brands to advertise. The advertisement. So it has more to do with a double standard,” she said.

She added that in other experiences she has seen sexual wellness categories being blacklisted by companies. “In one of my past experiences, we were told that our category was blacklisted and that the company behind the email marketing solution would not allow us to use their tool even though we send emails to people who have visited our website and subscribed to our newsletters and content,” she said.

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(Photo courtesy: Reddit)

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