Every Scott Adkins movie franchise ranked from worst to best

British action star Scott adkins has been a part of several martial arts movie franchises, but how do they rank from weakest to strongest? Adkins has been an incredible following for over twenty years in action films like Universal Soldier: Reckoning Day, Hard target 2, Eliminators, and Triple threat. As Adkins gathered more and more followers over the years, Hollywood and Hong Kong began to take notice as well.

This success has earned him to be screened in big blockbusters like The Expendables 2 and Doctor strange, with opposite Donnie Yen in Ip Man 4: The Final. When not doing action movies, Adkins can also be frequently found on YouTube, giving tutorials on his spectacular kicking skills or interviewing other people in the action movie world about his series. The art of acting. A look at Adkins’ upcoming films, as well as the various roles he has played in Max Cloud’s intergalactic adventures and A shot, also show how far he is from the early days of his career.


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Some of Scott Adkins’ most popular hits have become franchises as well, and even the weakest are still circling around their counterparts with higher budgets. This is because more often than not subsequent installments in an Adkins-led series tend to outdo each other. Here are all of the Scott Adkins franchises ranked, from worst to best, plus a few in the works.

3. Ninja

Scott Adkins in Ninja 2 Shadow of a Tear

The two at the helm of Isaac Florentin Ninja films occupy a somewhat odd place in Scott Adkins’ filmography. The first one Ninja was Adkins for the first time as a leading man, with his American-born protagonist Casey Bowman tasked with defending a priceless chest of Ninjutsu weapons known as “Yoroi Bitsu“of the assassin Masazuka (Tsuyoshi Ihara), who was banished from the couple’s Ninjutsu dojo. Ninja didn’t fully achieve the goal of what the Florentine and Adkins duo typically achieve, and its finale in particular feels a bit like two action scenes meant to be separated merged into one. Yet even with the elements where it was a bit underdeveloped, Ninja came out long before most theatrical action movies.

The sequel to 2013 Ninja II: Shadow of a Tear learned from where the first Ninja Could have been improved a bit, and basically consisted of 95 minutes of everything that was great about the first movie, making it an amazing turn of a ninja movie. This time, Casey is on a mission to avenge the murder of his pregnant wife Namiko (Mika Hijii), and although the film does little to prevent viewers from guessing the identity of her killer, it’s impossible to be. particularly disturbed as Casey goes to war with his vendetta. The shadow of a tearThe action scenes from are what fans of ninja movies live for, including a one-shot dojo battle, Adkins’ face-offs with fight choreographer Tim Man, and Kane Kosugi as ninjutsu master Nakabara.

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2. Debt collectors

The image of the debt collector

As Scott Adkins began to be recognized by the general public, he began to play more and more in black comedy roles, and the Debt collector the films bring his well-known talent in action flicks to a boyfriend comedy, both directed by longtime stunt expert Jesse V. Johnson. In The debt collector, Adkins plays French, who is on the verge of losing the lease of his martial arts school, which has led him to team up with local LA “mediator” Sue (Louis Mandylor) to earn a living income. ’emergency. The comedic joke between French and Sue, and the sympathetic buddy chemistry between Adkins and Mandylor is half the fun of The debt collector alongside his fight scenes, and as it ends on what would appear to be a downer, an occasional retcon canceled that two years later in the 2020s. Collection agents.

For the sequel, French and Sue start over, doing their best to collect from a trio of defaulters in the Las Vegas casino. Like the first film, the action scenes are less fight to the death and more comedic headaches for French and Sue to navigate just to get their job done, though the better of the two films is a They live-esque alley brawl when French and Sue ultimately can’t hold back each other with simple verbal sparring. While Ninja ii it’s better than both Debt collector movies, the two adventures of French and Sue got off to a more solid start than they were able to maintain. contrary to The debt collector, Collection agents ends without needing the supposed deaths of its two protagonists to be undone later, so viewers can expect to go right on a hunt for French and Sue’s movie antics if there is. a Debt collector 3.

1. Undisputed

Scott Adkins in Undisputed 4 photo

The role that was Scott Adkins’ big break, Yuri Bokya aka The World’s Most Complete Fighter, also came in a sequel that seems to pop up out of nowhere in Undisputed: last man standing. Directed by Isaac Florentine, Undisputed 2 sees Michael Jai White as former heavyweight boxing world champion George “Iceman” Chambers — White replaces Ving Rhames from first Undisputed-went to a Russian prison to organize a fight with the champion behind bars, Yuri Boyka. Taking the series from boxing to MMA, Undisputed 2 is a whirlwind of incredible martial arts, and one that has managed to get viewers to invest as much, if not more, in the story of its antagonist as the protagonist.

After Adkins reinvigorated the Undisputed series, the Florentine sequel to 2010 Undisputed 3: Redemption it paid off, turning Boyka into an anti-hero role and placing him in a prison tournament where the winner won his freedom. As Bokya points out to fellow Turbo (Mykel Shannon Jenkins), the real enemies are outside the ring, with prison officials pulling the strings to ensure victory for their chosen fighter, Dolor (Marko Zaror). Boyka also has the challenge of his bad knee after his loss in Undisputed 2, which increases the stakes of the incredible fight scenes of Undisputed 3, including a ring battle with Adkins and Capoeira ace Lateef Crowder dos Santos. Undisputed 3 always save the best for last in Boyka’s showdown with Dolor, with the painful ending of Undisputed 2 inverted to the tenth power.

2017 Boyka: Undisputed went on to show that the now free Boyka was not a static character after accidentally killing an opponent in the ring and engaged in a series of fights to repay debts to the mob from which the fighter’s widow is in the taken. Boyka: Undisputed, directed by Todor Chapkanov with the Florentine production, is as jam-packed with jaw-dropping martial arts fights as his two predecessors, pitting Boyka in his first two-on-one match with Andy Long Nguyen and fight choreographer Tim Man, and giving Boyka his toughest foe of all time. all time in the imposing Koshmar (Martyn Ford). However, the film is equally concerned that Boyka himself is atoning for his past sins and completing Boyka’s transition from man he was to a true hero. a Undisputed We talked about TV series, when there are a lot of simpler directions Undisputed 5 might come in, but with as much of a mark as Scott Adkins did on martial arts movies, the Undisputed series is Scott Adkins’ biggest franchise – or, perhaps more aptly, the most complete.

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Scott Adkins’ next sequels

Image of injured man

Aside from the various action movie franchises he’s been a part of, Adkins is also launching into a few more, starting in 2022. injured man 2. Based on the British comic book title comic Toxic!, 2018 injured man introduced Adkins as professional assassin Mike Fallon, known for covering up accidental killings, and his efforts to find out who ordered the murder of his pregnant ex-girlfriend. The plot of injured man 2 will see Fallon trying to save a friend while protecting the son of a Mafia boss from assassins, while also reconnecting with a father figure he was estranged from. Adkins had significant writing and creative contributions on both films, for which he was also a producer, and injured man has brought his dark comedy talents to bear more than ever before, so viewers can expect to injured man 2 be the same mix of action and irreverent comedy.

Additionally, Adkins will also join the John wick universe in the 2022s John Wick: Chapter 4. Joined by fellow martial arts stars Donnie Yen, Hiroyuki Sanada and Marko Zaror, the role of Adkins in John wick 4 is unknown, but with the cliffhanger ending of John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, that will certainly involve John’s war with the High Table, and a villain role would suit Adkins just fine. Depending on the nature of his role in the film, Adkins could also be seen in later entries of the series, but either way, the John wick the franchise is now the latest to join the filmography of Scott adkins.

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