Every Julia Roberts Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

“Prêt-à-porter”, otherwise known as “Prêt-à-porter”, had all the ingredients to be a good film. Centered on Paris Fashion Week, featuring mega-celebrity like Roberts, and directed by acclaimed director Robert Altman, it looks like a slam dunk. In practice, very little about this 1994 film worked. The set piece centers on the death of fashion bigwig Olivier de la Fontaine (Jean-Pierre Cassel), the head of the Fashion Council, who chokes on a sandwich while riding in his limo . There are more than 30 characters in the movie, but none of them could save it from critical savagery on Rotten Tomatoes, and even made The New York Times list of Worst Movies of 1994.

Roberts is somewhat removed from much of the action – which includes not only an investigation into Olivier’s death, but also the hijackings of his wife, his mistress, three rival magazine editors, a sleazy photographer, and Moreover. Her journalist character, Anne Eisenhower, is forced to share a room with fellow journalist Joe Flynn (Tim Robbins), and the two essentially go to bed for the duration of the film. Despite the film’s flaws, acclaimed film critic Roger Ebert singled out Roberts’ screenplay as one of its finest elements, stating, “Robbins and Roberts, barely leaving their bedrooms, create the bittersweet feeling of ‘a stand-alone affair that has no reference to their real lives, past or future, and will wither on exposure to reality.’

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