Every Benicio Del Toro Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

A vehicle for Robert De Niro and Wesley Snipes marketed largely as a clash between the two stars, Del Toro, John Leguizamo and others were collateral damage in this intense baseball flick.

Directed by Tony Scott (“True Romance,” “The Last Boy Scout”) in his signature ’90s style, De Niro plays a troubled knife salesman who forms a dangerous obsession with the new player on his favorite baseball team. , the San Francisco Giants. Both Snipes and Del Toro are team players.

Del Toro plays delightfully named Giants hotshot Juan Primo, who clashes with Snipes’ Bobby Rayburn, who wears uniform number 11. De Niro’s Gil Gerard, believing himself to be some sort of guardian angel for Rayburn (and evoking similarities to his beloved stalker “The King of Comedy”), confronts Primo in a sauna for a gruesome scene that leaves the ballplayer on the permanent IL.

In addition to being one of Del Toro’s lowest-rated films, “The Fan” is also among Scott’s lowest, with critics from Rotten Tomatoes pointing to an overdone ending as one of the film’s missteps.

“A crudely put together, wicked film,” said one review. “Solid genre flick flashes keep it from being a wash, but it’s really not much fun at all.”

Besides being a critical flop, “The Fan” was also a financial disappointment. The film earned just $18 million at the box office, a mere fraction of its $55 million budget.

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