Essential Black Women Owned Nail Polish Brands You Need Today

When it comes to nail polish, there are a million options.

However, nail polish brands owned by black women are not that common.

This despite the fact that black women are responsible for some of the coolest nail art.

It is therefore essential to enlighten them.

Below are nail polish brands owned by black women that will make you feel like a star.

Bernadette Thompson Nail Care

Photo credit: Facebook – The Bernadette Thompson Collection

Bernadette Thompson is a pioneer in nail art.

Since 2015, she has been giving courses to certified nail technicians all over the world.

She also led the nail team for fashion week in 6 different countries.

Thompson is also the first black woman to own a nail care line in the United States.

Bernadette Thompson Nail Care offers super cool shades that are also practical and sophisticated.

And that’s not all it offers.

You can also check out her treatments and nail polish remover.

suite eleven

Photo credit: JACKIEMONTT

If you’re tired of chemicals in your nail polish or have sensitive skin, Suite Eleven offers a healthy alternative.

Owned by Arieal “Ari” Smith-Liburd, Suite Eleven is PETA certified, non-toxic, and vegan.

Ari started formulating it in 2015 after she was forced to scrap her beauty products due to the food and chemical allergies they passed on to her.

She launched Suite Eleven in 2018, and it has taken off.

The nail polish has been featured in major publications like Elle, Allure, and Vogue.

Ari hopes to use the brand to inspire people.

She worked with Style for Purpose, where she spent a day uplifting and pampering young women who were going through a tough time.

She also hopes to one day open a luxurious beauty bar.

With the rapid success of Suite Eleven, it’s only a matter of time before she can open it.

Triple O Nail Polish

Photo credit: Facebook – Polish OOO

Founder Symantha Wechie-Onyechi is passionate about nail polish.

It is also heavily inspired by pre-colonial African history.

Put the two together and you have Triple O nail polish; one of the most distinct black women’s owned nail polish brands.

Symantha chose to manufacture its own nail polish after being constantly disappointed with market options.

She started creating nude shades based on her skin tone and quickly discovered a love of creating unique colors that work for all skin tones.

Symantha names its collections after ancient African states like the Kingdom of Nri and the Bamana Empire.

Mischo Beauty

Photo credit: Facebook – Mischo Beauty

During Kitiya King’s first pregnancy, she wanted a chip-resistant nail polish with ingredients that were safe and healthy.

However, his search was in vain.

So Kitiya decided to make his own

She put her knowledge to good use – she graduated in chemistry and cosmetology – and two years later, Mischo Beauty was born.

All of its products are 10 FREE, which means they contain no ingredients that can cause birth defects, cancer, reproductive harm, headaches, dizziness, etc.

Mischo Beauty is currently available on its online store with Macy’s.

Cosmetic Habit

Photo credit: Facebook – Habit Cosmetics

It is often difficult to reconcile durability and quality.

Not for Habit Cosmetics.

All products in this 10-FREE nail polish range contain myrrh extract to make your nails stronger.

They also have sustainable packaging that includes FSC-certified cardboard, recycled plastic parts, a glass bottle, and a bamboo cap.

Aja Frierson founded Habit Cosmetics in 2013 because she noticed how well nail-care brands did one or two things, but not all of them.

She also noted the obvious lack of representation of black women.

So she started the brand to make it an inclusive beauty brand and to make the best clean makeup products.

Aja believes that when you prepare for your day, you shouldn’t feel guilty or apply toxins to your body.

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