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Pesticide use during pregnancy increases risk of childhood ear infections

(Beyond Pesticides, February 9, 2022) The use of insecticides during pregnancy significantly increases the occurrence of otitis media (OM) in infants, according to a study published in Scientific Reports by a team of Japanese researchers at the end of last month. Otitis media, an infection of the space behind the eardrum, is a common disease in children. While most infections go away on their own, some children experience pain, fever, and in some cases complications that lead to hearing loss. This research highlights the myriad of hazards and diseases that pesticide use can precipitate that are not considered in risk assessments conducted by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The scientists gathered their initial data from the ongoing Japan Environment and Children’s Study, a nationwide birth cohort study that assesses environmental factors affecting the health of children in Japan. The data recorded includes factors such as maternal age, birth weight and weeks of gestation, and mothers provided responses to a series of questionnaires, including one relating to exposure to insecticides during pregnancy. The study authors used a range of other covariates to control for other risk factors, such as family history of OM, living with other siblings, daycare attendance , parental smoking habits, etc. The study determined that OM during a […]

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