Dow drops 900 points – Omicron virus mutation risks everything

The Dow lost 900 points on the news that a new Covid mutation could bypass current vaccine protection AND be more transmissible than Delta.

The only way it could be more dangerous is that death rates are rising as well.

Such a mutation, if proven under the two-week frenzied testing regime, would risk all we have gained.

Politically it’s getting devastating, in New Zealand we had just tackled putting up a roof over Delta, facing Omicron, which could make current vaccinations weaker AND being more transmissible would require a lockdown of level 4.

The “good” news is that a vaccine that inoculates against Omicron would take 90 days from creation to commissioning.

So. If Nu can bypass current vaccine protections AND spread more than Delta, we are bracing for an inevitable lockdown and certainly a more stringent MIQ until a vaccine is available for this new mutation.

Documents show that DHB struggled to plan for Delta.

Omicron could arrive, are we ready?

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