COVID-19 restrictions in British Columbia are relaxed, but masks and vaccination cards are essential

British Columbia is lifting many of the COVID-19 restrictions that have been in place for months, as long as people continue to wear masks and prove they are fully vaccinated.​​

At midnight on Wednesday, February 16, many restrictions will be lifted for gatherings, events and restaurants.

What is changing?

  • Personal indoor gatherings return to normal
  • Indoor and outdoor organized gatherings return to full capacity, with dancing allowed – Masks and BC vaccine card required
  • Indoor seated events return to full capacity – Mandatory masks and BC vaccine card
  • Fitness centers, adult sports, dance, swimming back to full capacity – Masks and BC vaccine card required
  • Restaurants, bars and nightclubs return to full capacity with no table limit, and mingling and dancing are permitted – Masks and BC vaccine card required

What stays the same?

  • You should always wear masks in indoor public spaces
  • You still need your BC Vaccine Card (proof of vaccination)
  • Workplaces need COVID-19 safety plans
  • Long-term care homes will have visiting restrictions
  • Guidelines for K-12 schools and child care centers continue
  • Religious communities will always have guidelines in place
  • Restrictions on Overnight Camping for Children and Youth

The changes were made in response to high vaccination rates among the general public and the continued decline in COVID-19-related hospitalizations.

Get your booster shot

If you are not yet fully vaccinated (two injections), please make an appointment today! This can reduce your risk of serious illness and hospitalization from COVID-19. If you’re fully immunized and it’s been more than six months since your second injection, make sure you get your booster. Pregnant women are at higher risk from COVID-19 and are eligible for a booster shot eight weeks after their second dose. The effectiveness of all vaccines fades over time, so booster shots are necessary for optimal protection.

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