Blog: The reappearing orange (02/25/22)

OK, stay with me. This title is a little strange, I know. It’s not going to be a children’s story or Facebook advertising bait.

What follows is an account of actual events.

I had a few of these little oranges a while ago, you know the kind. They were good, but not the best. More tart and bitter than I would like. And I’m one of those people who cares more than food.

I ate a few, took a few to work to eat until I only had one left.

I put this one in my lunch box to take to work, but ended up never eating it.

I decided since I hadn’t eaten it and probably wasn’t going to, I would get rid of it. I didn’t want it left in the trash so I decided to throw it in the woods behind the house. Let the animals have it.

So, I gave it a good bang in the treeline on my way to the car one morning. It was done, processed, out of the way.

Until I come home that night.

I went in, I put down my things, I started to prepare dinner. As I sat in front of the island, I looked over and there it was: an orange that looked suspiciously like the one I had tossed that morning.

Now I know oranges tend to look alike and I’m sure it’s more likely that there were two oranges left and I just saw one and grabbed it initially.

But isn’t it much more fascinating to say that the orange miraculously reappeared on my counter?

I know I’m scratching the bottom of the barrel with this piece, but hey, we all have those moments. And orange are you glad I didn’t say banana?


Dang, I didn’t know crickets were reading my column. Costs.

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