Blog: Sickness and sadness (02/09/22)

Today, I stayed very busy, I tried to be the best possible, until the fault. I’m waiting for my feet to tell me spinster to slow down. You have to be there for Paul and Tootie Mae and the rest of the family!

When I am busy, I try to rest thinking of all the sickness and sadness that is currently in my family, body and mind.

And yes the past is still present.

Memories of my departed loved ones live on.

Today I cleaned the dolls’ room.

I didn’t find much dirt there, just a room full of beautiful dolls: old, vintage and newer and newer. By the window, Fred the Bear sat in the cute walnut rocking chair that Paul had received in a contest held by 7-UP for selling the most sugar-free 7-up in the state. He won third prize.

I opened the cedar box, as I often do. I needed to touch the saved items of my precious deceased baby boy.

Old memories linger of me cradling little Paul in my arms during the six weeks he lived at home and the many times I held him during the four months he lived in children’s hospital. Riley. I put them away…

Paul Jr. was born September 8, 1960 and died January 13, 1961. He was my second child.

His final resting place is Restlawn Cemetery. . .

This writer hopes you have good things and happy thoughts about the and gain some humor from your reading.

I’m honest and I think I’m always on point in this regard.

I was very happy to learn that my latest poem “Rapture Entanglement” won third place in a national poetry contest. Her work will be featured in an anthology entitled Who’s Who in American Poetry, published by Eber & Wein.

Now I have to rest. The day was long, very long.

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