Blog: Reasons Why You Can’t Get Promoted and Pay Raise at Your Job (1/18/22)

It can be devastating when you think your chance for a promotion has finally arrived, only to be ignored again. You feel like emptying your desk and quitting on the spot.

The truth is, this kind of thing happens all the time, but there are some things you can do to change the scenario. Find out the reasons why you’re not getting that promotion and the pay raises that come with it so things get better in the future.

Lack of training and certifications

You may be failing to get a promotion simply because you lack the skills to do your job properly. Yes, you have basic skills, but you need more skills if you want employers to have confidence in your abilities. Maybe your job requires you to have additional skills than you already have. With Lean Six Sigma Certified, it shows your abilities against certain skills.

You can get a skills certification to increase your skills in your career, benefit from salary increases and increase your attractiveness to employers. Did you know that with some companies you need to be Green Belt trained and certified to be considered for a promotion? Learning Six Sigma methodologies for your job can definitely improve your professional future, especially since it is a globally recognized benchmark for process improvement.

Promotion is not a certainty

Baby boomers grew up learning they had to work hard to accomplish something, but the Gen Z group believe promotion should come after being in the company for a year. Many believe that hard work is not necessary and promotion is a certainty. It takes a lot more than hard work and time to get that promotion.

It’s not guaranteed just because you’ve been in a job for a year. In order to be promoted, you must show the company that you are truly an asset to the company. You certainly do not rise in rank because of seniority. A younger, hardworking person may snatch the promotion from you because the company sees that promoting someone can benefit the whole company.

You are too offended

You won’t get a promotion if you’re one of those people who gets offensive when people try to help you or give you constructive criticism. When you are looking for a promotion, you can use all the useful information that comes to you because it can improve your performance. When you receive comments of any kind, you should resist the urge to defend yourself as if you were incapable of being wrong.

But again, someone who is consistently negative about your efforts should be ignored. As you progress in your career, you must learn to conduct yourself more professionally and ignore hurtful criticism and negative people without getting so upset that you lose your temper.

You never take the initiative

You may be one of those people who can recognize areas that can be improved, but that’s it. You complain but never go any further than that so nothing ever gets done. If you want to be considered for a promotion, you will have to take the initiative and find a solution as well, and then act on it.

You want to make yourself known as a problem solver in your own career, but also to be a problem solver for others and for the overall well-being of the company. You want to be known as someone who is able to find ways to develop solutions and effect positive change.

You are not a jack of all trades

When companies look for leaders, they look for all-rounders. It’s not good to be an inescapable person who has strategic thinking skills but who can’t conceive of a change that would produce major improvements and increase performance all around. If you’re working with someone with less experience, you want to show that you’re capable of helping them while getting the job done efficiently.

Organizations value employees who are versatile and always looking for opportunities to work on new projects and courses. This allows them to pitch in and help anywhere so that they are seen as indispensable.

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