Blog: Nothing beats being a grandparent (02/19/22)

Lightning McQueen, that adorable bright red speedster from the “Cars” movie series could outrun anyone, but I think he might have met his match in my 3-year-old grandson.

Sure enough, I had a video a few days ago of McQueen being pulled over by a police car, siren blaring, right there on the family couch.

I just had to laugh at the scene and marvel at his imagination.

A few days before, I was informed that he put Baby Shark on a break during bath time and had to call Mommy Shark to let him know.

And, there was the last time he referred to a Texas Roadhouse gift card as “Cowboy Dollars.”

…Or, when he walked into a Target store and yelled, “That’s gorgeous.”

These are just the latest in a long line of fun stuff coming from such a young mind.

His mother (my daughter) was the same growing up, full of imagination and creativity. She could entertain herself for hours, and despite hours at a stretch of Barney the Dinosaur videotapes, I kept my sanity.

As anyone in the same boat can attest, becoming a grandparent is a life-changing experience, and every day is better than the last.

I don’t see it as much as I would like because they live almost four hours away, but that will change soon.

Fortunately, FaceTime brings us together frequently. I would have given an arm and a leg for this technology when my daughter was young and we lived in Idaho, 1,800 miles from her grandparents.

Today, I find myself dreaming of the days to come, having fun with the little guy.

I’ve only been able to take him fishing once so far, but I’m definitely planning to do many more…as well as trips to Silver Dollar City, Dickerson Park Zoo and countless other places fun. It’s just grandpa’s job.

I don’t take those days for granted, and I’m grateful for the tremendous blessing that is my grandson. I’m really looking forward to seeing a lot more in the years to come.

Paul Davis is an associate editor at the Daily American Republic. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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