Blog: Fun for the family (08/07/22)

“As old as you get, you will never find true love like something you get in your family.

Family love is more unconditional than all friendships and memories.

July 4, 2022 was indeed an unforgettable holiday. The day was spent with our beautiful and loving family. We really felt the love and so did they!

First of all, we both felt great, despite the loss of sleep. Some people lit their biggest and loudest firecrackers until the wee hours of the morning.

Brownsburg’s annual parade would start moving in a few hours. This year would be special.

We arrived early and our son-in-law Bruce May directed us to our chairs under two large shade trees on Tilden Street. We joined our granddaughter Lindsay Terry, Piper and Violet. Together we watched the participants parade, the parade floats, the beautiful cars pass by and the band play.

Then came two special people, Starla and our granddaughter Avery Isabella Terry, an aspiring actress and grandmother about to fulfill a wish on her to-do list. They both have roles in a musical called “Seussical”, a musical, which will be presented by Avery’s theater group on July 15 and 16. Our actresses were in their element, their smiles warmed our hearts.

After the last tank and special groups passed, we folded up our chairs and headed home. We waited for Lori to arrive from Noblesville to take us to her place to spend time with her Cliff and Mary Shannon and their family.

Alexis Cory D’Agistino is visiting with fiancé Doug Welch and family, from Worchester, Mass. It had been fifteen years since his last visit. We were happy to see our big boys, Dylan, Madelyn and the young Alex whom we were meeting for the first time. Our granddaughter Elizabeth and her husband Jake Barbee and Bailey, two, were from Denver.

Although people have more to do with our day. Maddy introduced us to our great-great-granddaughter, Evie, and photos were taken of five generations of us, the “girls”.

Then we all said hello to Olivia Rosenfield, our granddaughter who lives in Santa Anna, California, and she announced via skype that she and her husband were expecting a baby, which surprised everyone in the room. .

There was so much excitement during this quick vacation that we are always exhausted. We are happy that everything happened on July 4, 2022. God is good!

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