Blog: Creating shapes from colors (06/01/22)

A little nicer title than the prostitute, right? Anyway, I decided to start another crochet blog because A.) I couldn’t find anything else and B.) I just wanted to talk about crochet again, okay? Cool.

I made a few things in my day, a fluffy egg collection apron, a herd of lions for classmates, baby blankets and more.

It’s so fascinating to see how something as simple as a colorful string, be it acrylic, wool, cotton or whatever, can turn into something much more complex.

An intricate doily, parting, baby-sized deerstalker hat, washcloths and endless scrubs.

Some I approach with a purpose, a recipient in mind, and others I do just because. Take the stingray for example: I saw a video a while ago and sent it to a friend. It was too cute not to try. Seriously, it’s adorable. Plus, we both agreed that an army of colored rays wasn’t necessary.

While the first one didn’t turn out as good as I had hoped, it was still neat to see the final product.

I used to only like quick projects, ones where I could see progress and get to the end result faster in order to feel that sense of accomplishment. Now it’s more about knowing how it’s going to come out and taking the time to make sure there are as few mistakes as possible.

I just finished one of the most complex creations I’ve ever attempted, and honestly, it turned out pretty well. I can’t say what they are because it’s a surprise and I won’t have given them to their new owners until after this release, but just know that they’re super cared for.

I think one of the best things about creating things like me, and so many others, is knowing how something so small or simple can bring so much joy.

That something made of fiber and a hook and worked in a menagerie of shapes can bring smiles and laughter seems like such a unique power, and I’m forever grateful to have it.

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