Blog: Class C-1 State Football Championship Match Preview. (20/11/21)

Columbus stars Lakeview Cooper Tessendorf (No.34), Adam Van Cleave (No.28) and Kolby Blaser (No.5) will look to reverse a regular season loss to Pierce in the Class State Championship game C-1 next Tuesday which will be played at the UNL Memorial. Stadium.

* Tuesday, November 23, Memorial Stadium / UNL, 10:15 a.m.

Pierce (10-2) vs. Columbus Lakeview (10-2)

* Pierce coaching staff: Head Coach: Mark Brahmer, Assistant: Tyler Legate, Kyle Simmons, Grant Doerr, Les Painter, Carl Scholting.

* Columbus Lakeview staff: Head Coach: Kurt Frenzen, Assistant: Jeff Bargen, Dan Krueger, TJ Nielsen, Jimmy Biggs, Darren Reinhardt, Zach Lesiak, Aaron Rudoff, Matt Cross, Greg Kobza.

* Pierce from last year’s Playoffs is the reigning state champion, defeating Adams Central 28-19 in the C-1 Championship game. Columbus Lakeview did not make the playoffs a year ago.

Team statistics;

* Precipitation course: Columbus Lakeview – 268.2, Pierce – 266.3.

* Overtaking sites: Pierce – 169.2, Columbus Lakeview -109.9

* Total yards: Pierce -460.4, Columbus Lakeview – 378.1

Individual statistics;


*Who passed: # 17 Abram Scholting 103 of 160 (64.4%) for 2,003 yards / 27 TD, 9 INT.

*To rush : # 3 Matt Christensen-1042-151 (6.9) / 16 TDs, # 44 Michael Kruntorad 862-98 (8.8) / 9 TDs, # 17 Abram Scholting 467-86 (5.4), 3 TDs.

* Reception: # 15 Ben Brahmer 54 catches for 1006 yards / 12 TDs, # 14 Kaden Johnson 6 for 225 with 6 TDs, # 89 Max Cooper 10 catches for 214 yards / No TDs, # 1 Ritter Oestreich 8 catches for 180 yards / 5 TDs

* Attacks: # 45 Tristan Kuehler 142 Total (27 solos, 115 assists, 1 sack, 1 INT), # 44 Michael Kruntorad-92 (34 solos / 56 assists, 5 sacks, 2 FR), # 15 Ben Brahmer-71 (24 solos / 47 assists, 2 INT, 1 FR), # 1 Ritter Oestreich 70 (25 solos, 42 assists, 1 INT). ————————————

* Columbus Lakeview *:

*Who passed: # 5 Kolby Blaser 69 of 126 (54.8%) for 1,295 yards / 13 TDs / 6 INTs.

*To rush : # 28 Adam Van Cleave-1099-111 (9.9) / 19 TDs, # 41 Landon Ternus 612-94 (6.5) / 9 TDs, # 34 Cooper Tessendorf-529-84 (6.1) 5 TDs , # 5 Kolby Blaser-414 -91 (4.6) 11 TD

* Reception: # 28 Adam Van Cleave 26 for 570/7 TDs, # 13 Mason Viergutz 13 for 276 yards / 3 TDs, # 34 Cooper Tessendorf 13 for 168/2 TDs

* Attacks: # 52 Jaden Jenkinson-55 Total (46 solos / 9 assists with 8 sacks, 2 FR), # 54 Eli Osten 45 (41 solos / 4 assists, 7 sacks, 1 FR), # 21 Braxton Borer 43 (34 solos, 4 INTs), # 51 Estuardo 36 (28 solos, 8 assists), # 13 Mason Viergutz-34 (29 solos, 5 assists, 5 INTs)


Team records:

Drill (10-2)

47 Saint-Paul 25

28 Columbus Lakeview 27

76 North Bend Central 32

58 Arlington 13

33 Boone Central 35 (Loss)

59 O’Neill 6

56 West Point-Beemer 41

6 Battle Creek 24 (Loss)

35 years old 27

* Qualifiers

27 Broken Bow 14

35 Ashland-Greenwood 28

21 Battle Creek 0

View of Columbus Lake

(Pierce 39.7 ppg – Opponents 22.2 ppg)


View of Columbus Lake (10-2)

37 City Boys 6

27 Pierce 28 (Loss)

17 Wayne 30 (Lost)

49 Lincoln Christian 8

61 Downtown 26

48 West Point-Beemer 9

42 North Bend Central 6

56 Schuyler 0

35 Columbus Scot 0

* Qualifiers

42 Milford 20

23 Boone Central 20

31 Catholic Kearney 21


(Columbus Lakeview 38.7 ppg – Opponents 11.2 ppg)


…… A rematch of the September 3 game that saw Pierce turn down a two-point conversion to Lakeview with less than a minute to go, securing a narrow 28-27 victory over the visiting Vikings. This sets up what should be another back and forth to decide this C-1 championship.

Defending champion Pierce and Columbus Lakeview have both suffered two losses this season, but it’s Kurt Franzen’s Vikings who lead a 9-game winning streak following a 30-17 loss to Wayne in Week 3.

I was at that Wayne game and thought Lakview was a much better football team than what they showed that night. It seemed to me that something was missing from this Lakeview team, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Don’t get me wrong, Wayne got this win, but I left The Hill thinking Frenzen would find a way to bring things together, avoiding a 5-game slippage that ruined the last TWO seasons for the Vikings.

Frenzen and the staff did just that, something I saw firsthand in Lakeview’s semi-final victory over Kearney’s fabulous Catholic football team. The Vikings’ defense was particularly impressive that night, just a week ago Friday.

Ironically, I also saw Pierce drop his first game of the season at Boone Central on September 24. It was a shocking loss for the Bluejays, as Boone inflicted 35 big on the defending C-1 champions with a backup quarterback directing the Cardinals to start.

What many fans might not realize is the fact that 2020 All-State linebacker Colton Fritz approached me ahead of that Boone Central game in street gear, advising me that he couldn’t. play due to a suspected ripped ACL.

It was once in my life that I wanted to fall to the ground. It killed me, so I can’t imagine how difficult it was for that football team Pierce, who along with Fritz found it out just before the team bus left for Albion.

You can’t lose a player of this magnitude and bounce back that quickly, without taking anything away from Coach Hud, his great team from Boone Central.

Pierce bounced back from that loss, with a clunker at a handsome Battle Creek, to finish 10-2 and have the opportunity to defend his 2020 C-1 Championship. And by the way, the Bluejays avenged that Battle Creek loss last Friday. , when they turned the tables with a 20-0 victory over the Braves.

Pierce has one of the best O-Lines in the business, but will have to fend off the same fierce Lakeview Pass rush as Kearney Catholic. The Vikings, on the other hand, will once again have to contend with the depth that coach Mark Brahmer is still building at Pierce.

Talk about playmakers, this game will feature some of the best in C-1, setting up a perfect playing match. Pierce will ask Husker to promise Ben Brahmer, who not only has 1,006 receiving yards, but is a brutal defender of his LB location. His punt and kickoff skills can also put you in a hole to start offensive possessions.

The Bluejay’s offense, which is led by 2000-yard All-State junior quarterback Abram Scholting, can also come to you with a host of great running backs, including 1,000-yard rusher Matt Christensen and Michael Kruntorad, who only needs 138 yards. to reach a thousand.

That Pierce defense definitely misses Colton Fritz, but has junior Tristan Kuehler, who has held the Colton linebacker pretty well, compiling a monster of 142 tackles.

Columbus Lakeview counters with their Swiss Army Knife player, Adam Van Cleave. The senior, who lines up like a slot or wide receiver, has rushed for 1,099 yards and compiled 570 receiving yards and can kill you in a hundred ways on offense or defense. If skillful QB Kolby Blaser decides to pass the ball, the Vikings will hammer you with RB Cooper Tessendorf and FB Landon Ternus, both running behind one of C-1’s best offensive lines.

ALSO…… I don’t know if I’ve seen a class C-1 football team that tackles better than Columbus Lakeview. These guys displayed some of the best rudimentary tackling skills I’ve seen all season, regardless of class, especially the defensive line. Incredible technique.

This baby will not be for the faint of heart. Do I hear overtime?

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