1 The Ninja Movie Switch Would Have Avoided A Big Scott Adkins Disappointment

Scott Adkins and Isaac Florentine each expressed some disappointment with Ninja, but a change in the movie could have fixed that.

Scott Adkins was disappointed with his and Isaac Florentine’s Ninja, but a change could have improved the film. Scott Adkins and Isaac Florentine have been longtime collaborators since their 2001 film Special forces. Adkins and Florentine also worked together on the 2010 film Ninjawhich marked Adkins’ first time as a leading man.

Adkins and Florentine both expressed disappointment with how Ninja turned out, Adkins stating that Casey was “a bit bland and not very exciting(via YouTube), while its 2013 sequel Ninja II: Shadow of a Tear acted like a second try of sorts. Widely regarded as one of Adkins and Florentine’s finest personnel, The shadow of a tear ditch the comic book-influenced tone of its predecessor for a more raw and gritty revenge story. What is interesting in the original Ninja is that it might have been better received by its creators and audiences as an Adkins prequel Ninja hero, Casey Bowman.


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To be clear, while not as strongly received as the Undisputed films centered on Yuri Boyka, Ninja was hardly a grueling movie and its exhilarating fight scenes definitely gave Adkins and Florentine’s rising career a boost. That being said, The shadow of a tear is the more polished film of the two and offers a more down-to-earth introduction to Casey. Having that as a starting point for Casey might have made a superhero origin story more palatable by showing Casey’s past experiences, especially with the relationship between the two films.

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While referring to certain events of Ninja and his villain Masazuka (Tsuyoshi Ihara), The shadow of a tear is a standalone sequel to the point of requiring no familiarity with its predecessor. Among Adkins’ other comments on Ninja was the effort of him and Florentine to tell a darker story with Casey and “make it a little less corny“. By building the anchored Scott Adkins Ninja franchise, Ninja acting as “Ninja: Originstype of prequel could have circumvented the tonal problem that Adkins observed with it, with the built-in benefit of The shadow of a tearThe unique story.

As the two films shoot at breakneck speed, The shadow of a tear really hits the ground running by establishing Casey as both a no-nonsense Ninjutsu master and a loving husband to his pregnant wife Namiko (Mika Hijii) before he was murdered. Casey’s often literal revenge story, as its introductory point might have been more to Adkins and Florentine’s liking in terms of the tone they sought to restore with The shadow of a tear. This then could have given the story a lot more leeway to indulge in Ninja80s style ninja movie cheese with the base that The shadow of a tear would have provided.

Whereas Ninja has a lot to offer with its incredible fight scenes, its sequel has undeniably topped it. What The shadow of a tear shown in its relative singularity from the first Ninja was that they could have easily swapped places in their release order. By virtue of Ninja II: Shadow of a Tear scoring a stronger introduction for Casey Bowman, it also could have avoided the issues that Adkins and Florentine felt bound Ninja return.

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